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She’s laying there on a pile of pillows covered in a soft and fluffy blanket as I observe her casually, a drink in my hand as I watch down on her, my legs crossed over each other as I watch her, I am fully dressed, she on the other hand is naked, naked and vulnerable. I take the box from besides me, my hands sliding over the neatly packed toys in the box, slowly I take my time as I make my selection, taking out a small rocket that looked more like a child’s toy than anything else, I twist it open gently, placing the battery in before closing it calmly. Taking a wipe I gently clean it with the spray rubbing it dry before offering it to her calmly, watching her bite her lip slightly. I toss her a pair of clover nipple clamps as well a slow grin curling my lips up as I lean back taking a sip from my drink. “Tease your nipples till they harden and put them on sweetie.”

She turns on the rocket, the sound of its buzz filling the room as she rubs the tip of the small toy against her nipples, making them harden beautifully so she puts the clamps on slowly, looking at me slightly rebellious. “Now please yourself… you may cum, but you may not stop unless I tell you to” She started stroking and rubbing herself, using the small vibe I had given her on herself, placing it over her clit, sending its powerful vibration through her body while her fingers massage her entrance, rubbing it and teasing herself as I observe her calmly. Soon her moans and murmurs fill the room as I take a book to read in it, never fully removing my attention from her as she pleasures herself, her breath starting to get a bit irregular as she neared her climax, the first of many if she was good. I can hear the sound of her fingers in the wetness of her body rubbing the inside of her without a doubt tightened body. “Such a good girl, playing nicely with the pretty toy.”

Our eyes meet as she looks at me slightly thrown off guard by my words, her lips quivered as she had her orgasm, her grip on the toy loosening slightly as her body relaxes from the sensation. “Now now don’t drop the rocket sweetie you’ll be using it some more” Her hand clasped around it as she nodded faintly, rubbing the toy against her lips gently as I take another drink, the book gets put to the side again as I walk closer to her, sliding my hand over her core. “So wet and juicy, such a horny little slut” I tug the chain of the clover clamps slightly, listening how her breath stops at the feeling, watching her bite her lip as she struggles to hold back her whimper, her eyes looking at me rebelliously trying to hide their sudden weakness as I offer her a drink of my juice. I allow her to finish the glass of juice before I kiss her softly, sitting down besides her stroking her body softly, tracing her curves in a gentle manner as I watch her. “I didn’t tell you to stop did I?”

She snaps back to attention and continues to pleasure herself while I tease and tickle her skin for a while, feeling the second orgasm tremble through her body after a while, watching her body quiver as she panted and moaned. My hand slips through her throat, choking ever so slightly watching her eyes with a soft tender smile on my face. I release her and walk back to my chair, sliding down as I lean back again, filling my glass calmly as I observe her struggling with the pleasure and keeping herself focused. I lean forward ever so slightly watching her as the last quivers left her body. “One more.”

She draws out her orgasm before slipping her fingers inside her once again, her other hand rubbing the little rocket against her clit, sending shocks through her body making her tense as her by now super sensitive clit gets stimulated even more. Her body responded fiercely as her orgasm tore through her, she screamed out in pleasure as she dropped the little rocket, sliding down relaxed as the shivers of the orgasm rocked through her body, my eyes sliding over her the moist stains in the blanket and her expression of pure bliss. “That’s a good little slut now when you can move again we’ll take a shower together.”

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