Cliteracy – A project by Sophia Wallace

Cliteracy; noun.
Cliteracy; composed of the words clitoris and literacy.
1. The ability to read and write:
1.1 Competence or knowledge in a specified area.

A small, sensitive, erectile part of the female genitals at the anterior end of the vulva.

I’m here to tell you the Oxford Dictionary has described one of two words entirely wrong. And that’s exactly the point of the word Cliteracy. To become literate in what a clit, actually, is.

Sophia Wallace holding a printed definition of "Cliteracy".
Sophia Wallace holding a printed definition of “Cliteracy”.


















Sophia Wallace started a project a time ago; an ambitious education of the public on female anatomy. In 1988, Helen O’Connell’s revealed that a clitoris is more than just a little knob hidden between intricate layers of skin, but a vast structure that is mostly located inside the body. That’s right. It took us till 1988 to find out what a clitoris actually looks like.
And to this day, the Oxford Dictionary still gets it wrong. Appalling, isn’t it?



This goes a ways to show how repressed and understated female sexuality is, in our society.
Sophia had had it. She decided it was time for a change. Through her art she brings this new study to our attention. And we gladly share her findings with you.
Want to know more? Want to get cliterate?

Check out her project through the following link;

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