Beauty is an attitude

No matter who you are, there are parts of you that are beautiful and parts that aren’t beautiful. It’s hard to accept those parts that aren’t beautiful for a lot of people, but they aren’t the whole package. It’s hard for people to accept that they are beautiful.

Society has different norms for different people, woman get drilled in the ideal of a Barbie doll from one side and from the other they are constantly reassured that they are beautiful no matter how they are. That paradox is clearly visible in the media, magazines being the expert in that area, an article on true beauty placed right besides the article to lose ten pound in a week. For men there is that unspoken rule that they must be athletic, perfectly build, tanned and manly, yet they are then directed to as handsome or dreamy, but they rarely are told they are beautiful, maybe people see beauty as something feminine. Then there are the queer, the transgender and the cross dressers, some find it attractive, some find them insane and denying their true nature, but again beauty is not what comes to mind with a lot of people.

We all have trouble accepting what we deem imperfections on ourselves as beautiful, I am no different, we all have parts about ourselves that we hate, that we deem ugly, maybe they are beautiful, maybe indeed people will be disgusted, but that’s their problem, what we deem beautiful and what we deem ugly is purely subjective. What makes us beautiful to others can be very subjective, but what I find that makes me see the beauty in the person before me is confidence. Confidence is the key of beauty in my eyes, it is something I see a lot, I saw the transformation mostly in myself, I was always bullied, called ugly, mocked called ugly duckling, alien, etc… Though if you look at my pictures, most people will see me as beautiful, now I can tell you my looks didn’t change much, my nose bridge got a little thinner and that’s about it. Yet I would look down, have my hair pulled back in a pony tail really tight or have it hide over half my face, I’d wear baggy clothes and walk hunched slightly. Now I walk with my back straight my head lifted high and with clothes I actually like, I don’t deem myself ‘beautiful’ in every aspect, there are parts of myself I will always hate, but I am indeed beautiful and I am confident about myself. I am beautiful because I have accepted myself.

Be confident about yourself, be confident that you are a beautiful person, keep in mind that there will always be people who will call ugly what you deem beautiful and the other way around. Be confident about your way of viewing yourself and embrace your own beauty. Everyone is both beautiful and ugly, beauty is an attitude.

Every man, woman, trans or something in between out there is beautiful in their own way and everyone will have their own view on their beauty as well as the beauty of others.

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